Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fake Meat at O'hare

I’m tired of the usual Vegetarian airport options - pizza, pre-made salads (most with chicken already on them), and the same caprese sandwich offered at every stand. So I was excited to find Cibo Express tucked away in O’hare’s Terminal 2, hidden in a hallway connecting concourses B&C to E&F. I had discovered it once on a prior visit, but couldn’t recall where in the airport it was, and after several failed attempts at finding it again was convinced it was just a foggy dream. Now I’m writing down the location so I won’t forget!

While Cibo express is far from perfect – the prices are high and several items did not have price labels– its offerings are a big improvement from the usual airport fare. The shelves are stocked with all natural products (like Late July Dark Chocolate sandwich cookies) and international chocolates (Ritter Sport - yum!). Their vegetarian sandwiches have flair - like a sandwich with homemade boursin cheese, apples, cheddar, and arugula. And most importantly to me – to my knowledge they are the only vendor in the airport that serves what I am always craving – “fake meat”!

The Chicago O’hare Cibo Express has fresh food from Soul Vegetarian Restaurant on Chicago’s southside. Tonight I dined on “Barbecue Bites”, seitan sticks in a sweet barbecue sauce, for $5.99. Also on offering from Soul Vegetarian were a Jerk Tofu Wrap and a “Buffalo” plate with buffalo “chicken” and celery sticks. For $2.50 more I added a healthy side of Cibo's own roasted root vegetables.

According to the website, Cibo Express also has a location in O’hare’s Terminal 3 by gate H1.

See their website to see the listing of other airports Cibo Express can be found at: Different local caterers may be featured at their various locations. For example, I always look forward to a protein packed “chicken” salad sandwich at La Guardia’s Cibo Express.

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