Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Taste of Wellness" Tours

Now, here's an interesting concept - CHEW Chicago's tour of Lincoln Park's most health-minded retailers. Although I've taken a number of visitors to the farmer's market and whole foods market myself, it never crossed my mind that tours of these places might make a good business. As a local I've been to most of these places before and would be unlikely to ever take the tour, but I think this could be a great orientation for anyone new in town. What do you think of the idea? Love it or Hate it? See below for more information.


Excerpted from

CHEW Chicago—"CHEW" standing for "Complete Health Education & Wellness"—frees feasters from fast-food-blanketed prisons of bad eating habits with numerous nutrition-minded programs and workshops. On the Taste of Wellness Tour, guests will embark on a three- to four-hour walking tour of a Chicago neighborhood and its healthy hot spots. CHEW's Lincoln Park Taste of Wellness Tour, for example, hits the L. Frank Baum–haunted streets of Lincoln Park for a three-mile tour capable of burning up to 500 calories. Highlights include the smoothie-and-yogurt-packed Starfruit Café, the fresh fare of Karyn's Raw, the natural beauty products of LUSH, and a tour of Whole Foods Market (lunch is available in the store's café, but is not included with this deal). Unwind with a 20-minute introduction to yoga from Infuse Yoga Spa, stretch out at Lululemon, and pilot through Pilates with the aid of Balance Health + Wellness. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, Taste of Wellness tour-takers will also tour the Green City Market, sampling local, sustainable eats while quizzing farmers about episodes from the second season of Fringe, which returns to FOX this fall.Included with the Lincoln Park tour is a reusable CHEW Chicago goodie bag of snacks and coupons, as well as a complimentary nutrition consultation from CHEW Chicago founder Jessica Marie. Tours are limited to 16 people per tour, and guests are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and asked to show up on time when taking the tour. Dig the family sneakers out from storage, affix a watch to one of your limbs, and join CHEW Chicago on a health-helping hike through the city's wealth of wellness.

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